Capital Tours and Travels is all about being real, earthly and creating experiences of a lifetime. We are an inbound tour operating company in Sri Lanka comprising of four adventurous heads which come from a assortment of backgrounds, hence each of us have our own perspective of the ‘ideal’- this is what makes us unique – our way of looking at things is different and multi-dimensional. We maybe small but we think big and dream big.

At Capital Tours and Travels, we have composed a passionate and dedicated team of Sri Lankan destination explorers and experts studying the characteristics, customs, habits and beliefs of the legacy of our ancient civilization and the wide sandy tropical beaches. Making new discoveries and itineraries unlike any other in Sri Lanka.

Our effort is to show you the back-blocks and the hinterlands seldom visited in Sri Lanka, in our opinion great places to experience the genuine rustic Sri Lanka where you will meet the heirs of a legacy of a past handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.